Aurich bleibt Bunt!

Aurich stays colourful!

We are very happy to see the graffiti scene in Aurich continue to grow! We are always happy to welcome our customers in the shop and can even accompany them to some extent!

Recently we have also been able to win some young customers who work their way through our constantly growing range!

The guys are also happy to show us their results, which we then collect and publish further. So you can also make contacts with each other (often directly on site) or always keep an eye on your past work, because since the "fall of the Hall" there have unfortunately not been many legal areas in Aurich for beginners and hobby sprayers and you have to create your own Pieces often paint over if you want to create something new.

Sometimes there is also a nice photo or, like recently, a canvas for our SVER ONE store.

You can then look at these pictures in our store!

In the shop you will also find a small gallery!

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