Der große Heiden Dampf | Street and Sportswear Aurich Mini Stand

The Great Heathen Steam | Street and Sportswear Aurich Mini Stand

On June 26th, 2021 we were spontaneously represented with a small assortment at the big Heiden Dampf in Großheide. There, the gymnasium of the HRS Großheide was embellished this weekend by almost 30 artists from Germany and the Netherlands. We spontaneously set up a small stand and it went with the topic of spray cans. We were very happy with the result and recommend everyone who has the opportunity to take a look at the boys' result! The well-known artists from Aurich and the surrounding area were there, as well as the up-and-coming artist SVER, who works a lot with our shop in Aurich. Here are more pictures from SVER

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