SVER One Graffiti in Aurich Street-& Sportswear

The Hall of Fame in Aurich has now been completely demolished.

Recently, the last remains of the walls of the hall in Aurich, which for years offered a wide variety of beginners and established professionals an area for their creativity, were completely demolished.

The scene is now looking around for new opportunities, which could be used primarily by the beginners in Aurich. We are looking for everything that resembles a wall or a straight surface!

We are very pleased that we have already been able to offer some young people and young adults support with their first attempts and of course we want interest in graffiti not to be lost in Aurich! We are open to hints and information of any kind, which we can forward to our customers and members of the scene!


Personally: Street & Sportswear Esenser Straße 6 26603 Aurich


Telephone: 04941/9733588

Picture of SVER One from Aurich on the last remains of the wall before the final demolition.

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