Zer.Fleisch released neues Black Tea Lemon Mixtape

Zer.Fleisch releases new Black Tea Lemon Mixtape

The underground rapper Zer.Fleisch has released the follow-up to his recently released Black Tea mixtape. The Black Tea Lemon Mixtape is now available in the Wlados Shop and convinces across the board.

Strong tracks, fat beats (among others by Pitchbull) and awesome feature guests like Dikulz & Demon Dave, who recently released his very strong Wrong Turn EP . We secured the limited tape bundle and it's definitely worth it! 2 tapes, album and sticker bomb with sick artwork are included.

Strictly limited! So get the bundle, the tape or CD version of the Black Tea Lemon Mixtape ! The good man also packed us enough stickers for our shop. The mixtape goes up and down so check it out!

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